Here's what our Alumni have to say about their experience in the Montessori School of Fremont Elementary Program:

"My mathematical reasoning is incredible because I was given the freedom to spend hours to comprehend the power of infinity by counting out loud all day. My appreciation for science is profound because I was given the freedom to examine anything from the playground under the microscope at will. And finally, my command of the English language is great because I was given the freedom to put down "Grammar for 3rd graders" when I felt like reading Harry Potter. As a result of my Montessori education, I am now a successful student."

   -MSF Elementary Alumni, Graduate of Harvard University [Computer Science and Physics ]

"In Montessori you are given the opportunity to learn at your own pace and learn what you want to. In learning what you want to, you will learn other things, so in the end, everything is balanced out and you are able to pursue what you want with a good background in it."

   -MSF Elementary Alumni current High School Student

"I always remember learning itself being a lot of fun. Interestingly enough, the amount of children in each class wasn't necessarily small but there were children from different grades studying in the same classroom which made the actual size per grade in a single classroom small. In retrospect I believe this mix of students of different grades encouraged children to want to work harder and to learn more, or that's what it did for me at least."

"Now I don't know if this was specific to me because my teachers were amazing, but I do believe that the system encourages teachers to pay closer attention to students. This emphasis on focusing on the needs of different students and also just the acceptance of the fact that different children need to be taught differently is something that is unique to the Montessori system and it is definitely something we need to see more of around the world."

   -MSF Elementary Alumni currently pursuing a medical degree in Lahore, Pakistan

"Montessori is nothing but real-world application. Students learn to feel, touch, see, and observe how math makes sense, how literature can come to life, how one can conduct a scientific experiment, and how one can find their own, personal learning strategies to help them throughout the rest of their life. Students need this time in their youth to discover more about themselves – not to solely focus on academics. In this sense, along with countless others, I am very appreciative of the Montessori system."

   -MSF Elementary Alumni currently studying at the University of Illinois [Animal sciences]

“I am proud to say that I am a Montessori graduate having gone through pre-k to 9th grade. To this day I still write lists down on a sticky note all because of my Montessori teacher who taught me the importance of completing my goals. Having a Montessori education at a young age really helped lay a good foundation for my future education and all I have yet to accomplish.”

    -MSF Elementary Alumni currently pursuing a B.S. in Business Administration – [Real Estate Finance] at the University of Southern California.