During her study of Montessori graduates as compared to students from traditional education systems, University of Virgina phsycology professor, Dr. Angeline Lillard, found that Montessori graduates show the following traits when compared to their counterparts:

Montessori Graduates:

  • Score better in Language and Applied Math
  • Exhibit greater cognitive function
  • Show greater social cognition
  • Have a greater understanding of justice
  • Play more positively with others
  • Less likely to exhibit ambiguous rough play

“The Montessori children performed better on standardized tests of reading and math, engaged in more positive interaction on the playground, and showed more advanced social cognition and executive control. They also showed more concern for fairness and justice. At the end of elementary school, Montessori children wrote more creative essays with more complex sentence structures, selected more positive responses to social dilemmas, and reported feeling more of a sense of community at their school. ”

Evaluating Montessori Education, Angeline Lillard PhD, Science Magazine, Sept. 29th 2006