Montessori School in North Fremont, CA

The Montessori Children’s Center offers childcare and education programs for children 3-months to 6-years old.

Montessori schools apply the educational philosophy of Dr. Maria Montessori, a renowned Italian physician and child educator. For over a century, her teaching approach has been proven and refined across the world, from Europe to Asia.

“The instructions of the teacher consist then merely in a hint, a touch—enough to give a start to the child. The rest develops of itself.”

- Dr. Maria Montessori PhD.

The Montessori method is based on the belief that children are born full of potential.

Dr. Montessori's teaching method is designed to harness their innate potential, and allow children to take charge of their education in a variety of areas.

Three key areas are:


The Montessori Children’s Center provides children with games that create a foundation for phonics and reading. Children master the alphabet through tracing sandpaper letters and learning the phonetic sounds of each letter. They prepare for handwriting by coloring designs, tracing pictures, and building words with cut-out letters.


Children learn the decimal system with scaled cubes. For example, the 100 cube is 10 times larger than the 10 cube. The children also learn to interact with numbers in the physical world. They can hold a single bead that represents 1 in one hand, and a cube of 1,000 beads in the other hand. These simple models set the groundwork for addition, subtraction, multiplication, and other mathematical procedures.

Cultural Activities

At the Montessori Children’s Center, children explore art, food, storytelling, and music. The music program is designed to nurture self-esteem, develop social awareness, and strengthen motor coordination, while the creative arts let children develop their visual expression.

Other key areas include Leadership, Practical Life, and Sensory Perception.

The Montessori Children’s House is accepting new enrollment.

Please contact us to schedule a school tour. We welcome all children regardless of race, religion, or national origin.

Our preschool and kindergarten programs are suited for children aged 2 to 6 years. For the convenience of our parents, we offer childcare before and after school for which we are licensed by the State of California.

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The Montessori History

In September 1974, Montessori teachers Cynthia Leahy and Naseem Meer held the first Montessori preschool class. It was held in a rented classroom at Our Savior Lutheran Church in Fremont, CA.

What started in a single classroom has grown to eight locations throughout the East Bay. Our schools have overseen the education of over 5,000 children. We employ over 100 people and care for over 500 students.


The children in this photo of a Montessori classroom are now in their forties. They include a physician, two attorneys, six engineers, a real estate executive, and a college professor.

Today, Montessori schools continue to set children up for a lifetime of success.